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FBNQuest is a unified brand outlook of the Merchant Banking and Asset Management brand of FBN Holdings Plc spread across the breadth of wealth creation, management and transfer.

This unified brand perspective will allow us to provide a broader range of services to our clients through a single, transparent, and efficient platform.

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The name ‘FBNQuest’ is a recognition of our Group’s 120-year-old pioneering spirit, as well as a sign of the voyage of discovery we embark on alongside clients to find new solutions in innovative ways.

FBNQuest is dedicated to always seeking new frontiers in ways that will benefit our clients to go beyond today and into tomorrow. Curious, questioning convention, probing, and constantly on the go – we are paving the way for others to follow. From safeguarding wealth to funding business prospects, we live on the cutting edge of tomorrow, continuously on the lookout for what comes next so we can lead our clients there first.

This transformation is critical for the alignment of our businesses and brand strategies. By using a unified brand to convey a more single-minded company vision and synergise our unique offerings, we seek to create value-driven connections with clients and drive lasting relationships on the platform and strength of our brand proposition.

The FBNQuest unified brand outlook comprises three (3) business groups and three (3) subsidiaries which are managed and operated independently.

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FBNQuest Merchant Bank is the Merchant Banking business of FBN Holdings Plc., which provides advice, finance, trading, investment and security services to support our customers’ various financial needs. In November 2015, following the acceptance by CBN of its Merchant Banking licence, FBNQuest Merchant Bank, formerly Kakawa Discount House, began operations after fulfilling regulatory operating prerequisites. This expansion of the group’s website enables us to offer a broader range of products and services, as well as providing access to a broader range of funding sources.

Visit FBNQuest Merchant Bank here.

FBNQuest Asset Management operates as a division of FBNQuest Merchant Bank. As a leading wealth manager in Nigeria for both private and institutional investors, we have a wide range of investment products and services, with strategies covering a wide spectrum of asset classes and industries. We guide our customers around the diverse economies of Africa and find the right options for their portfolios and investment goals. We manage investment accounts for high-net-worth individuals and institutions, including insurance firms, pension funds, public and private mutual funds, endowment and charitable funds, as well as segregated and special accounts.

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FBNQuest Securities is a division of the FBNQuest Merchant Bank, which offers excellent stock brokerage services to domestic and foreign investors. We are one of the first 10 Market Makers licensed and regulated by the NSE. Our market-making service is aimed at boosting liquidity in stock trading and increasing market trust among investors. We keep an active lookout for everything from securing goods to funding growth ventures, to give our clients first-person privilege. With a rich heritage, innovative drive and pioneering spirit inspiring us, as a trustworthy and inspiring partner, we assist our clients in looking beyond today and redefining tomorrow.

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FBNQuest Capital, with its considerable financial capabilities and good governance heritage, is part of FBN Holdings Plc, one of Africa’s most reliable and powerful financial groups.  We are a trustworthy and inspiring partner with a pioneering spirit that inspires us to help our clients look beyond today and redefine tomorrow. Our focus is on new horizons so we can take our clients there first.

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FBNQuest Trustees is an FBNQuest Capital subsidiary, offering trust and agency support. By providing trust and estate services to clients, we act as a custodian of assets for public, corporate, and private entities. Our services are spread across Corporate Trust, Private Trust, Public Trust and Agency Services.

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FBNQuest Funds Limited is the primary platform of FBNQuest for providing growth capital to firms looking to finance their expansion plans. Our investments cut across the telecoms, leasing, oil and gas, hospitality, travel and tourism, information and communication sectors in Nigeria.

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