FBNQuest Asset Management is a subsidiary of FBNQuest Merchant Bank. Our distinctive heritage as an organisation allows us to leverage specialisation of the subsidiaries of our parent company to enhance delivery and provide world-class client solutions.

We work to understand your specific needs, offering a range of investment products and services across various asset classes and sectors. From mutual funds to liquidity management, we work with individual and institutional investors to provide a strategy best suited to your investment goals and portfolios.

Open your mutual fund account today

Open your mutual fund account instantly and discover new opportunities for your financial future.

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Preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities

With a 3-5 year plan in view, the FBN Nigeria Smart Beta Equity Fund is a great match if you’re looking to invest for long-term growth and income.

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Ask the Expert

Asking the right questions today can lead to a secure future tomorrow. Our team of experts are here to answer all your questions about mutual funds and investments.

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Fund Prices and Performance

Fund Prices and Performance of our mutual funds as at 22nd June, 2021

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