Our corporate governance structure is founded on ethical ideals and openness. Because of our continual engagement with stakeholders, we have become leaders in the adoption of the best international corporate governance principles in order to produce long-term value for each of our businesses, customers, workers, shareholders, and the nations in which we operate /test text/.

Our Corporate Governance at a Glance

At FBNQuest, corporate governance refers to the principles, guidelines, and practices that support our long-term financial success and value creation for all of our stakeholders across all of our businesses.

Our dedication to excellent corporate governance is critical to our operations and reflects not just legal obligations, NSE listing criteria, and widely accepted governance principles, but also effective leadership and supervision by our senior management team and Board of Directors.

We host general meetings with our shareholders on a regular basis to collect opinion on our corporate governance framework, and we make every effort to incorporate this feedback through improved policies, processes, and transparency.

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