Our Milestones

Discover our shared history of landmark moments, our journey and how our group of companies have evolved through the years.

Key Highlights of Our Milestones

Our Timeline


First Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria's premier bank, was established.


MBC International, FBN Merchant Bankers and the Corporate Finance Department of FirstBank merge into FBN Capital. Premium Securities - a subsidiary of FBN Merchant Bankers, became FBN Securities - a subsidiary of FBN Capital.


FirstBank created FBN Holdings Plc. to enhance competitiveness and align with the CBN’s regulatory requirements.


The Investment Banking and Asset Management arm of FBN Holdings was formed from the combination of five existing subsidiaries FBN Capital, FBN Securities, First Trustees, First Funds and FBN Capital Partners.


The asset management department of FBN Capital became FBN Capital Asset Management, an SEC-regulated subsidiary of the group.


First Trustees is renamed to FBN Trustees, and First Funds to FBN Funds, in accordance with the group brand mandate.


FBNQuest was launched as a unifying brand name for all entities within the Merchant Banking and Asset Management group of FBN Holdings.


FBN Holdings Plc acquired 100% equity in Kakawa Discount House Limited, and subsequently secured approval to commence merchant banking operations as FBN Merchant Bank.


The investment banking division moved to FBN Merchant Bank from FBN Capital.

FBN Capital Asset Management and FBN Securities became subsidiaries of FBN Merchant Bank.


The prefix ‘FBNQuest’ is appended to all our businesses.
  • FBN Merchant Bank = FBNQuest Merchant Bank
  • FBN Capital = FBNQuest Capital
  • FBN Capital Asset Management = FBNQuest Asset Management
  • FBN Securities = FBNQuest Securities
  • FBN Trustees = FBNQuest Trustees
  • FBN Funds = FBNQuest Funds

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