Fixed Income, Currencies & Treasury

FBNQuest Merchant Bank operates a highly motivated team of trading experts who apply state-of-the-art trading technologies to rapidly increase earnings for our clients.

Our FICT Systems

We provide clients with unrivalled capacity to trade currencies, government and corporate fixed-income securities, as well as a comprehensive range of soft commodities financing products in these markets, allowing them to swiftly boost their earnings.

We rely on two major systems in administering our Fixed Income Currency Trading solutions;

Our FICT Options

Treasury Bills Trading

In the trading of Treasury Bills, we offer our customers first-rate services. We do this by leveraging our institutional knowledge, client relationships, and expertise in fixed income to develop the money market and enhance the effectiveness of its monetary policy as one of the 19 Primary Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) appointed Dealers/Market Makers for money market instruments.

Bonds Trading

In the Nigerian bond market, we are a major player. Our desire for excellence, as seen by our market milestones and honors, is brought to bear on our trading activities. We are dedicated to providing solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Foreign Exchange Trading

Our transition to Merchant Banking broadened the scope of our product offering to include Foreign Exchange, and we now provide a comprehensive suite of foreign exchange products and services to our clients. On foreign currency deposits, we offer low rates and promise excellent service delivery.

Money Market

We provide short-term funding to our clients while also enabling them to invest in short-term instruments. We trade short-term securities such as Bankers' Acceptances (BAs) and commercial papers (CPs) issued by multinationals and other publicly traded firms on a regular basis.

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Looking to invest, fund your venture, or get advice on wealth preservation? Our world-class team will partner with you to fully understand your requirements and create a customised solution for your brighter future.

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