Who is Winning the Jollof Match?

We hope you are looking forward to an exciting weekend—especially with the football match scheduled for this evening.

It is definitely no news that Nigeria and Ghana are always in competition. From arguing over who has the best Jollof to who has the better music artists, both countries seem to always be debating something.

And when it comes to football, the competition gets even more intense. So, it does not take much to know that emotions will be high this evening as both countries compete at the World Cup Qualifiers.

Now, we can not predict who will win and we know that several other factors play a part in the outcome of the match. However, what we know is that each team has spent time planning and preparing in order to get a fair chance at winning.

You too can do the same. So, as you sit back, probably enjoying Jollof and cheering your team on this evening, don’t forget that you can plan to win in your future too.

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May the best team win today.


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