Whistle Blowing Policy

Whistleblowing refers to the disclosure internally or externally by employees and other parties of malpractices, as well as illegal acts or omissions at work. The internal control and operating procedures in FBNQuest Merchant Bank Limited are intended to detect and to prevent or deter improper activities. However, even the best systems of controls cannot provide absolute safeguards against irregularities.

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FBNQuest Merchant Bank has the responsibility to investigate and report to appropriate parties, allegations of suspected improper activities and to take appropriate actions.

Have you experienced or observed any act of malpractice, illegal acts or unprofessional conduct from FBNQuest staff?

Escalation Channels:

Disclosures can be made via the form below, or via our dedicated email address whistleblowing@fbnquestmb.com and mobile numbers, 234-906-246-2242, 234-908-7522-445 .

Please fill the form below, you will receive a response within 24 hours.