Where to Find Professional Trustee Services in Nigeria

Establishing a trust, whether private or corporate is a crucial financial decision that transfers administration and management of your assets to a trustee and can have great implications not only on your legacy but the wellbeing of your designated beneficiaries. This is we recommend that you do proper research before and ensure you are selecting a reputable and competent firm to provide trustee services for your estate.

FBNQuest offers leading trustee services in Nigeria to both individual and corporate clients, and in this article, we’ll highlight what trustee services involve, how to choose a Trust company and why our trusteeship services are unique and highly rated. 


Trustee Services

Trustee services provide professional expertise on estate management and wealth preservation to help individuals seamlessly transfer wealth at the event of their passing toward catering for loved ones or toward charitable causes. Trustee services are also used by institutional entities that wish to transfer the responsibility of their financial management to a Trust company. This is known as a corporate trust, while the former is referred to as a private trust.


Private Trustee Services

Private trustee services are targeted at high net-worth individuals and families who require financial and legal expertise in preserving their wealth, managing assets and handling estate and legacy planning. A private trust can be an education trust towards future expenses for a child’s education, a charitable trust for philanthropic endeavours or a family trust for managing family wealth. Private trustee services cover all aspects of wealth management and estate planning.


What do Private Trustee Services involve?

  • Estate Administration
  • Will writing
  • Executorship
  • Investment Management
  • Accounting


Corporate Trustee Services

Corporate trust services involve a wide range of financial and legal solutions designed for corporate clients, to ease the burden of managing assets and other specialised aspects of their finances including raising capital through bonds as well as other sophisticated corporate transactions. Corporate services typically require expertise from various professionals including financial planners, attorneys, investment managers, certified accountants, real estate experts, and administrative personnel.


What Corporate Trustee Services involve

  • Securities Trusteeship
  • Corporate Bonds Trusteeship
  • Escrow Services
  • Share Trusteeship
  • Syndicated Loan Arrangements


How to Choose the Right Trustee Services Company

Companies that offer trustee services may range from banking institutions to legal consultancies. However, because of the wide range of expertise required for proper estate management, it is important to confirm their level of expertise, quality of service, and if they have a robust team of professionals working with them. 

Here are some questions to ask before you choose a trustee service provider:

  • What are their areas of expertise?
  • Will they outsource certain services?
  • How well does their client-officer ratio allow for personalised services?
  • How easily can a beneficiary meet or contact his trust officer?


Enjoy First-Rated Trustee Services from FBNQuest

FBNQuest Trustees provide individualised services that support individuals and institutions to meet their wealth management goals, ensuring you have exceptional financial planning services to grow, and preserve your wealth.

To learn more about our trustee services, visit fbnquest.com/trustees/solutions/

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