Public Trust

Our Public Trusts services at FBNQuest Trustees encompass a wide range of solutions best suited for both Government and public purposes. We act as Trustees to Unit Trust & Mutual Fund transactions, Government/Municipal Bond issue as well as in managing & administering financial assets and securities.

Seamless Trust Solutions for Public Institutions

Our skilled team of industry professionals guarantees that transactions are executed effectively by providing important and timely Trust services.

Sub-national Bond Trust

These are long-term debt securities issued by the state and local governments of a nation to finance projects for the public good like building schools, roads, hospitals and sewer systems. Whenever a Sub-national issues Bonds in Nigeria, it is a statutory requirement to appoint a Bond Trustee as the representative of the Bondholders/Investors.

Unit Trust

Unit trusts are forms of collective investment schemes in which investors with similar investment intentions combine their financial resources in order to make large-scale investments within the scope of the investment aim. An independent manager is in charge of these financial resources.

Reserved Funds Trust

The Fund can be thought of as the sub-national counterpart of a Sovereign Wealth Fund. It is a state-owned investment fund that often consists of various forms of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and/or other financial instruments. This kind of fund's investing objectives often includes the maximizing of long-term returns as well as the preservation of capital.

Reserve Funds can be either Stabilization Funds or Savings Funds. Stabilization funds are often established to minimize the volatility of government income and to mitigate the negative effects of boom-bust cycles on government expenditures and the state economy.

Savings Funds, on the other hand, accumulate funds for future generations. The Fund can also be used to help a state develop by providing capital for development initiatives and businesses.

Gratuity Fund Trust

This entails the management of employee gratuity or loyalty programmes in order to ensure accountability and transparency. The Trustee administers the account on behalf of the client and invests the funds in line with the Trust Deed. When an employee resigns or retires, the Trustee deposits the employee's gratuity straight into his or her account. The Trustee also gives the customer a quarterly report on the administration of the gratuity funds.

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