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FBNQuest Trustees serves a select clientele with world-class, bespoke Private Trust/Estate Planning and advisory services. We are experts in advising, structuring and managing conventional as well as special-purpose Private Trusts arrangements. We also act as a Family Office for high-net-worth clients, handling all aspects of family assets and businesses.

Enriched Planning for Your Financial Future

We provide specialist advice on asset growth and preservation, as well as adequate documentation to ensure effective succession in accordance with agreed-upon objectives.

Estate Administration

Estate planning is about life – the lives of your family and loved ones, as well as the peace of mind that comes from helping to secure their financial future. An Estate Plan can assist in the transfer of wealth, minimizing associated taxes, fulfilment of charitable aims, the preservation of privacy, the protection of assets, and the continuous administration of your affairs if you no longer desire or are unable to handle them.

Proper Estate Planning considers your financial and personal circumstances to create a complete plan that represents your intentions.

FBNQuest Trustees can assist you in creating a comprehensive and integrated Estate Plan that meets your goals and objectives, as well as ensuring that the wishes indicated in your Plans are carried out with much thoughtfulness, professionalism, and objectivity. 

Our professionals administer and manage Estates  of various complexities while also ensuring that the requirements and concerns of family members and other beneficiaries are properly taken care of.


The passing on of a benefactor can cause great financial difficulty, and the bereaved who may desire to benefit from your property and affairs may be unable to do so if a Will is not made. Leaving your legacy in the right hands is as crucial as establishing it in the first place, and having a Will may save turmoil and worry for those left behind.

In the absence of a Will, there is no control over the transfer of property, money, or other assets to appropriate recipients leaving unneeded strain, complications, and expense on their family and friends. When making a Will, several issues must be considered, and it is critical to get experienced guidance at this stage. Where a Will has been unprofessionally crafted, significant time and money may be wasted on court proceedings.

FBNQuest Trustees provides best-in-class Will and probate consultation services from start to finish. Our Estate Planning and legal professionals have extensive expertise in estate administration and are available to assist with the process of writing Wills, which specify the desired distribution of your Estate to dependents and other beneficiaries.

Executorship Services

Many times, families encounter difficulties in distributing wealth owing to a lack of knowledge, inexperience, and ignorance of laws/processes/practices, resulting in delays, asset/wealth blockage, and so on. To prevent such situations and to speed the transfer of assets in accordance with the desires expressed in the Will, an Executor can be appointed to preside over such matters.

We provide Executorship services to ensure that assets are distributed in accordance with the Testator’s Will.

As an Executor, FBNQuest Trustees provide expert advice and technical know-how that can impact clients and their beneficiaries.

Living Trust

A Living Trust is one of the greatest, easiest, and most often utilized mechanisms for transferring assets to loved ones and avoiding financial calamities in the event of mortality. A Living Trust is established while the property owner or Settlor is still alive and is only revocable by the Settlor, who retains lifelong beneficial ownership of the property.

A Living Trust, as opposed to a Will, can provide inheritances to your beneficiaries faster and with less hassle. As a parent, guardian or individual, it is important that your dependents are taken care of effortlessly and your property can be passed immediately and directly to your named beneficiaries through a Living Trust.

FBNQuest Trustees Living Trust services ensure the smooth distribution of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries after your lifetime as captured in the Trust Deed.

Family Trust

A Trust is referred to as Family Trust when the beneficiaries are linked via family relationships. Family Trusts have a long history of use as a means for individuals and families to control how their assets are held or transferred and are often used as a tool for succession and/or legacy planning with the held assets varying from one family to another.

Each Trust can be revocable or irrevocable and can be customised to include protector provisions ensuring a form of oversight by an independent party. Unlike a Will, it eliminates the requirement for probate and the obtaining of grant letters of administration (or its equivalent) upon Settlor’s death.

Beneficiaries’ automatic succession to the Trust’s underlying assets can be distributed under the terms of the Trust Deed or at the Trustee’s discretion, based on the Settlor’s intentions.

FBNQuest Trustees functions as a family office, assisting in the formation and administration of Family Trusts. We offer administrative Trust services intended specifically for managing Family Trusts and guiding them through inheritance and succession.

Education Trust

An Education Trust is a Trust managed and administered for the benefit of a named beneficiary, for the purpose of building up funds towards providing financial security for the future education of your children/ wards. This Trust enables parents and guardians to offer an unbroken standard of education for any level of schooling of their choice, as well as pay any associated expenditures that may arise along the way.

FBNQuest Trustees will assist you in setting an Education Trust to guarantee that money for your child’s education are always available and accessible, notwithstanding the time you want to make such payments. 

Our Educational Trust solutions are easy and flexible with long-term advantages.

Charitable Trust

Philanthropy is generally a fundamental component of legacy planning, whether it is investing in causes that are personal to you or supporting faith-based efforts, with Charitable Trusts. Structured philanthropy is a rewarding and powerful way to contribute to causes you are passionate about in a way that creates real and tangible community outcomes.

As experts in Charitable Trusts, FBNQuest Trustees can assist you in building an impactful legacy that can be started in your lifetime or within your Estate.

We work with individuals and families to help them achieve their charitable intentions by developing structured giving strategies that benefit causes that are important to them.

Our knowledge and expertise enable us to act as Trustees responsibly and successfully. We support non-profit organisations by providing expert management and investment advice to their boards and personnel. Our meticulous record-keeping and administrative services free up board members’ time to focus on fund-raising and charity initiatives.

We also assist philanthropists to disburse revenue from Charitable Trusts for grants and scholarships, ensuring their legacies continue in perpetuity and allowing them to meaningfully connect to future generations of recipients.

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