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As parent, guardian or individual, it is important that dependents are taken care of effortlessly.

Our First Living Trust ensures the smooth distribution of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries during and after your lifetime.

Additional benefits:

  • Professionally managed – the Trust is managed by FBNQuest Trustees as stipulated in the Trust Deed for the benefits of named beneficiaries
  • Prevents disputes – the Trust takes effect while you are alive, preventing future disputes amongst beneficiaries
  • Legally Binding – backed by a Trust Deed between the Settlor and FBNQuest Trustees
  • Hassle-free – avoid delays as it eliminates the probate process
  • Safe and secure – since your property is held in Trust for the beneficiaries, it protects assets against creditors and spendthrifts
  • Confidential – the details of the Trust are handled in strict confidence
  • Tax efficient
  • Can be revocable or irrevocable
  • Trust assets earn competitive returns

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