Private Trust

Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

Whether it is investing in your children’s education, putting them on a sound footing to become financially independent in later years, our team of professional trust advisors can help you structure your finances to ensure your dependants get maximum benefit.

Private Trusts

A Trust ensures that your assets are managed according to your wishes, with the assets held, managed and distributed according to your directions without court supervision and involvement.  This can save your beneficiaries time and money. 

FBN Trustees has a range of trust options to help you secure your dependants’ financial future. 

Hand over the complexities

Our experienced trust advisors can help you find the most suitable estate planning options available to manage your affairs. From understanding the tax implications to ensuring compliance with legal requirements, you won’t have to deal with the complexities on your own.
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Take care of your dependants

Looking for a tool to plan your investments or cater for a specific purpose?  We structure private trusts to take effect during and/or after your lifetime.
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Leave a legacy

We help to set-up, structure and manage charitable trusts such as foundations and endowments. We also act as platforms through which funds can be raised for charitable causes.
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Safe keeping

FBN Trustees acts as custodian to transactions, holding title documents for safekeeping purposes in accordance with the custodial agreement. Safety, security, neutrality and confidentiality remain our major consideration in the regard.
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