The Best Will Writing Services in Nigeria

A will is a legal document that represents your instructions for how your assets are to be distributed in the event of your demise. Will writing is a very important aspect of estate planning as it clearly states your wishes for the handling and distribution of your property and assets after you die. Without a will, control over the transfer of property, money, or other assets may be left to state laws or complicated court processes at the expense of rightful heirs. As one of the top providers of will writing services in Nigeria, we highlight in today’s article what is involved in the will writing process, the benefits of a will and why you should trust FBNQuest for your will writing and estate planning needs.

The Process involved in Will Writing Services in Nigeria

  • Hire a will consultation and writing expert

The first step in writing a will is consulting a legal professional. Although there are many resources today for DIY will writing, it is highly recommended that you seek legal opinion and expert services for arranging your will.

  • Select your beneficiaries & executor

Beneficiaries are the individuals who you want to receive a portion of your assets and properties. It is important to name each person you intend to transfer any assets. Equally important is naming the executor and guardian. An executor is responsible for carrying out the instructions in your will, this can be your attorney, a family member or someone else who is trustworthy, financially savvy and detail-oriented.

  • Give instructions for asset allocation 

Determining when and how your assets will be allocated is usually the most tedious aspect of writing a will and requires being very specific and clear. Financial assets such as bank balances, businesses or investments, should be allocated to beneficiaries. However, tangible properties and prized possessions such as cars, art pieces, etc., may require more specific instructions as these items cannot be practically divided among beneficiaries. You can however instruct if these should be sold and the cash value be divided amongst the beneficiaries. Being detailed in the instructions for the distribution of your assets ensures there is little chance of confusion or conflict during its execution. Other instructions that can be added to your will include what should happen to your digital possessions, the charities you support or appointing a guardian for your children who are minors.

Reasons to Choose Expert Will Writing Services in Nigeria?

The role of a will after one’s demise is very crucial and can save loved ones from the emotional and financial stress of settling your affairs after you’re gone. This is why it is important to ensure your will is documented properly by working with a professional. Here are reasons to choose expert will writing services instead of writing one by yourself. 

  1. You have the assurance of its legal validity as all legal and financial matters will be taken into consideration by an expert.
  2. Expert management and handling of complicated and large estates.
  3. Takes into account specific estate planning needs like minimising estate taxes. 

FBNQuest – Top Provider of Will Writing Services in Nigeria 

If you require will writing services, look no further than FBNQuest. FBNQuest Trustees provides dependable will-writing services in Nigeria along with comprehensive trust and estate planning services. As our client, you have access to the best financial and legal experts in estate administration who are available to assist with the process of writing your will from start to finish.

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