Seeking Top Firms for Corporate and Investment Banking in Nigeria? Here’s FBNQuest

Corporate and investment banking solutions exist to help your business unlock greater potential and achieve desired financial strength. This is why it is ever so critical to find a company with trusted industry expertise and integrated solutions for your corporate and investment banking needs.

With over two decades of experience, FBNQuest is one of the leading corporate and investment banking firms in Nigeria, working at the highest level with some of the largest corporations in the country as well as Federal and State governments.

Corporate and Investment Banking Services

FBNQuest is a leading provider of corporate and investment banking solutions in Nigeria, with a client base across all industries of the country’s economy. Our solutions cut across every aspect of corporate financing, equity and debt financing and long-term financial management. 

Corporate Banking Services

FBNQuest’s corporate banking solutions provide short to long-term financial planning, loans and capital financing for project and infrastructure development, and international trade financing services:

  • Short to long-term loans
  • Overdraft loans
  • Revolving working capital
  • Bonds and guarantees
  • Liquidity support facility
  • Receivables financing
  • Invoice discounting
  • Project Finance
  • Trade finance
  • Asset-backed lending

Investment Banking Services

FBNQuest’s investment banking services offer businesses financial advisory and expertise on a wide range of sophisticated financing strategies and complex capital-raising transactions including debt financing, mergers and acquisitions, bond issuing and public or private equity raising:

  • Debt solutions
  • Financial advisory 
  • Capital Markets


Why We’re a Leading Corporate and Investment Banking Firm

Integrated Solutions

FBNQuest provides customised solutions for a diverse clientele across all sectors of the economy. Our integrated solutions provide corporations with complete access to corporate and investment banking solutions from financial advisory and treasury management to capital financing and equity raising.

Deep Industry Knowledge

We possess in-depth industry knowledge and regional market expertise, with decades of diversified experience in investment banking, corporate banking, and capital market experience, and an excellent network of investors and financial institutions that enables us to provide the best solutions for new opportunities.

Strong Client Franchise

We maintain relationships with corporations from all sectors of the Nigerian economy, serving as a point of contact for clients across diverse industries and asset classes to meet their corporate financing and investment banking needs. Our client base includes some of the largest Nigerian and multinational corporations in FMGC, energy, construction, logistics sectors, etc., as well as Federal and State governments and other leading operators across sub-Saharan Africa. 


Explore our Corporate and Investment Banking Services

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