Corporate Financing

FBNQuest Merchant Bank Provides access to an extensive assortment of financing products and services that help in meeting clients' business goals and targets. Our highly skilled teams work across asset classes, industries, and currencies to advise, structure, arrange, underwrite, distribute, and provide funding across our clients' capital structures.

Financing Options We Provide

Overdraft/Short Term Working Capital

We provide short-term lines/loans in the form of overdrafts/short-term capital to help businesses manage their cash flows.

Invoice Discounting

This short-term facility is available to businesses that require immediate cash and have contracts with unpaid invoices.

Revolving Working Capital

This is a rolling loan offered to our clients to provide a medium to long term stable source of financing.

Time/Term Loans

We offer funding for both short-term and long-term loans with flexible repayment terms.

Project Finance

We provide project and infrastructure development funding, relying on targeted cash flows, allowing for more flexible funding arrangements to meet project deadlines.

Receivables Financing

Our receivables financing facilities cover several arrangements under which corporate clients are financed against varying types of expected cash flows.

Asset Backed Lending

We provide specialised products to emerging corporations, giving them access to more stable funding forthe execution of their short- to long-term financial needs.

Bonds and Guarantees

We assist our various corporate clients with bonds and guarantees, providing the undertakings required to support the fulfilment of contractual obligations.

Liquidity Support Facility

We provide liquidity assistance to our clients to support commercial papers issued to facilitate ease of cash management.

Trade Finance

Our trade finance suite of services ultimately provides our corporate clients with access to finance for the smooth execution of contracts.

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