Wealth Management

We aim to meet your diverse financial needs by providing unique, wide and varying services to ensure we support your financial goals through wealth securitization and inter-generational wealth transfer.

Our strong team of professionals possess a wealth of experience in their various fields and devote these expertise to developing diversified portfolios that best fit your return, risk expectations and ultimately maximise your earnings.


Promissory Note Backed Investment (PNBI)

The PNBI provides you the opportunity to benefit from FBN Merchant Bank’s large pool of funds in Government Securities and Commercial Securities of blue chip companies. The yield on this product is optimal while the tenor is flexible.

  • Tenor: From call, 30, 60, 91, 180, 365 days

Treasury Bill Backed Investment (TBBI)

This product offers you the possibility of investing in Federal Government of Nigeria issued Treasury Bills for short tenors (than those offered in the Primary Market) with the flexibility of an open ended exit before maturity while still enjoying 100% security and at competitive returns.

  • Tenor: 30, 60, 91, 180, 365 days

Government Bond Secured Investment (GBSI)

This product offers you the opportunity and security to invest for short term in long term Federal Government Bonds at competitive returns with the additional value of flexibility and liquidity.

  • Tenor: 30, 60, 91, 180, 365 days

Kakawa Easy Retirement Account (KERA)

The KERA is a product specially designed to meet your regular cash flow requirements at retirement. KERA provides an assurance that at retirement, your benefits can earn income for you that will replace your monthly remuneration while in service. KERA prevents misapplication of your wealth now and beyond by appointing beneficiaries/ joint owners to the account. The underlying assets of this product are Money Market Instruments.

  • Tenor: 365 days

Liquidity Multiplier Service (LMS)

The LMS is a flexible investment product which enables you make withdrawals from your account and earn interest on your daily balances without any associated charges. We can provide monthly statements on your operative account for ease of reconciliation and offer cheque pick up services.

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