Corporate Banking

We provide customised solutions for a variety of corporations across all sectors in the economy, which includes the provision of funding support for projects and infrastructure development, funding for the execution of client’s short to long term finance requirements and trade services.


Bonds and Guarantees

We give support to our various corporate clients in the area of bonds and guarantees, giving the undertakings required to support fulfilment of contractual obligations.

Project Finance

We provide funding support for projects and infrastructure development, with reliance on targeted cash flows. This provides flexible funding arrangements to meet identified project timelines.

Asset-Backed Lending

We offer specialised products to corporates, giving emerging corporates access to cheaper and stable funding for the execution of their short to long term finance requirements.

Receivables Financing

Our receivables financing facilities cover different arrangements under which corporates clients are financed against varying types of expected cash flows.

Trade Finance Products

Our trade finance bouquet of services ultimately provides our corporate clients with access to finance for smooth execution of contracts.

Overdrafts and Term Loans

Our overdraft facility guarantees easy access to funding for corporates with short-term funding needs, while our term loans provide funding for working capital requirements, asset financing and many more, with convenient repayment terms.

Structured Investment Products

Our wide range of structured products and investments include promissory notes, securities backed investments, fixed term deposits. In addition, we provide access to the primary and secondary markets in government securities.

Current Accounts

Our current account allows you to conveniently carry out your routine corporate banking transactions with third parties efficiently. Our platform provides you with easy access to your account.

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