Policy Statement

This document sets out FBNQuest Merchant Bank Group’s (“the Group”) policy on Complaints Management (“the Policy” or “this Policy”).

As part of the pursuit for service excellence and effective Client relationship management, as well as to protect the Group’s reputation, FBNQuest Merchant Bank and its subsidiaries are committed to speedily address and resolve Client Complaints. The Group is also committed to treating its Clients’ fairly.

This Policy sets out the minimum Complaints resolution principles and Client Complaints management. This will ensure that Client Complaints are handled in an accessible, transparent and efficient manner in line with the Group’s commitment to treating its Clients fairly, as envisaged in the Consumer Protection Council Act, Law of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN) 2004 and relevant regulations in Nigeria.

The Group shall ensure that clients are treated fairly and their concerns are acknowledged and appropriately and independently treated.

The Group shall provide Clients with a mechanism for reporting complaints.

The business of the Group is built on trust and integrity as perceived by its stakeholders, especially its clients, shareholders, regulators and law enforcement agencies.

An important element of trust and integrity is ensuring that the Group conducts its business in accordance with the values and Code of Conduct and Ethics that it has adopted, and in compliance with applicable laws, rules and standards.


This Policy applies to the FBNQuest Merchant Bank Group.

This Policy applies to all employees and directors of FBNQuest Merchant Bank and its subsidiaries, including independent consultants, interns and secondees.

All Clients, both internal and external.

Third parties working in association, partnership or in contractual arrangements with the FBNQuest Merchant Bank Group.

External auditors.