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We help to rapidly increase earnings, with our highly motivated team of trading experts.

Using state of the art trading technology, our securities trading group fuse the wisdom of the ages and tested tools to achieve your goals.

The PD/MM System

The Primary Dealer/Market Maker system was institutionalized to revive the hitherto moribund bonds market in Nigeria.    

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The Two-Way Quote System

The Two Way Quote System is one that requires Banks to provide bid and offer rates and to deal on either regardless of its trading position.

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Treasury Bill Trading

We provide premier services to our customers in Treasury Bills trading. We do this by leveraging on our institutional knowledge, client relationship and expertise in fixed income.

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Bonds Trading

We are a leading player in the Nigerian Bonds Market. We bring to bear on our trading activities the passion for excellence demonstrated by our milestones and accolades in the market. We are committed to providing solutions that will address your interests.

Foreign Exchange Trading

Our evolution into Merchant Banking expanded the scope of our product offering to include Foreign Exchange, now offering a wide range of Foreign exchange products and services to our clients.

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Money Market

We offer our clients the opportunity to invest in short term instruments while providing short term funds. We actively trade short term instruments such as Bankers’ Acceptances (BAs) and commercial papers (CPs) of multinationals and other quoted companies.

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