Market wrap 05/01/2021

Today’s trading activities closed on a brighter note as the domestic equities indicator, ASI appreciated by +1.05% amid mixed sentiment. The index performance was supported by gains recorded in Airtelafri (+10.00%), Buafoods(+10.00), Seplat (+2.31%), Ardova (+7.69%), NGXGROUP (+2.56%), Access (+1.08%), Wapco (+0.62%) and Dangsugar (+0.29%). These gains offset weakness recorded in Dangcem(-2.72%),Buacement(-2.71%),UBN(-6.90%),Stanbic (-2.63%), Intbrew (-1.01%) and GTCO (-0.38%). Also in today’s session, 18,000,000,000 ordinary shares of BUA Food Plc was listed at N40.00 per share.

In all, activities levels were impressive as market turnover closed at N42.98bln ($103.90mln) boosted by domestic related block trades in Buafood  . The NSEASI’s Ytd return appreciated to +1.78% . Barring any major surprises, we expect the market activities to begin on a cautious note in the early part of 2022.



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