In Search of a Wealth Investment Manager in Nigeria? Here’s What to Know

With the financial uncertainties that exist in our world today, managing your family finances and preserving your wealth across generations can be a difficult task. However, with the help of professional wealth management services, your assets can be preserved for the long haul through strategic planning which takes into account your family’s current and future financial needs, as well as existing and emerging global financial issues which may affect your wealth. If you’re in search of a wealth investment manager in Nigeria, here’s a guide on what to look for when choosing one. 

Who is a Wealth Investment Manager?

A wealth and investment manager is a financial advisor that helps high-net-worth individuals and families manage their investments and assets. As opposed to financial advisors whose roles are focused on financial or investment advice, a wealth manager offers more comprehensive services covering all aspects of personal finance including investment management, banking services financial planning, trust services, accounting, tax services, retirement planning and estate planning.

What Services Does a Wealth Investment Manager Offer?

Your wealth and investment manager can give you strategic advice and help coordinate various decisions for your financial well-being. Here is a list of services often provided:

  • Investment Advice and Management Your wealth manager offers investment recommendations and helps to manage the buying and selling of securities and other financial assets.
  • Financial Planning – This involves helping you achieve long-term financial goals by offering expert advice on investing, taxes, savings, retirement, and insurance.
  • Trust & Estate Planning – Your wealth manager can help you plan the transfer of your property in the event of your death, as well as set up a trust to hold money, assets and investments to be distributed to beneficiaries in the future.
  • Accounting & Tax – Wealth management services often include helping you prepare your tax returns, as well as analysing and arranging your finances to minimise tax liabilities. 
  • Retirement Planning – Your wealth manager can help you make the right financial decisions to secure your retirement goals.

What to Look For in a Wealth & Investment Manager

Finding the right firm to manage your assets is a crucial decision that should be made with care. Before picking a wealth manager, ensure you have researched the following:

  1. The breadth of the wealth management services they offer
  2. How easily accessible your advisor is or how often will you be in contact with them
  3. What investment strategy will be used to manage your assets
  4. Their performance history with similar portfolios to yours

FBN Quest – Best Wealth Investment Managers in Nigeria

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