How to Find Trusted Fund Managers in Nigeria

Fund managers in Nigeria are usually responsible for managing a pool of investment funds, like pension funds, trust funds or mutual funds, on behalf of investors. They are directly involved in managing a fund’s portfolio, implementing effective investment strategies, and monitoring the performance of the fund’s investments. If you’re considering investing in a mutual fund, or wish to hire a private fund manager, this article explains the role of fund managers in Nigeria and how to choose the one for your investments.

Responsibilities of Fund Managers in Nigeria

Fund managers are entrusted with researching, monitoring and selecting the right investment opportunities that maximize profits for investors. Here is a list of tasks your fund manager will execute on your behalf.

  1. Monitoring financial news and the latest market trends to make informed investment decisions.
  2. Analyzing company financials, macroeconomic indicators and stock market trading activity to identify investment opportunities
  3. Selecting, managing and allocating assets for a fund’s portfolio 
  4. Regular reporting of the fund’s performance to investors.
  5. Handling accounting reporting for investment fund


Types of Fund Managers in Nigeria

Fund managers in Nigeria can be categorised based on the types of funds they work on. Each of these funds usually requires a different type of investing strategy. Here are examples of the most common types of investment fund managers in Nigeria:

  1. Mutual Fund Manager – oversees investments for mutual funds
  2. Pension Fund Manager – responsible for the investment management of a pension fund
  3. Private Equity Fund Manager – Manage investments for private equity funds
  4. ETF Manager –  Manages investment funds which are traded on stock exchanges


Steps to Take When Choosing a Fund Manager in Nigeria

  1. Research the fund manager’s experience and professional qualifications
  2. Check for above-average returns with previous or currently managed funds
  3. Understand their fund management style


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