Financial planning is essential in the face of prevailing economic realities – Michael Oyebola

Michael Oyebola, the MD/CIO of FBN Capital Asset Management has underscored the importance of personal financial planning in the face of the prevailing economic realities arising. He made this known as part of a presentation entitled “Beyond Editing: Investing For A Secure Future” during the 2015 edition of the Biennial Convention of the Nigerian Guild of Editors, which took place at the Lagos Airport Hotel on the 25th of April 2015.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Oyebola stated, “In recent times a number of events have occurred both locally and globally that have reinforced the value of personal financial planning – from the drop in oil prices to the fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Naira. At every stage in life it is essential to remember the importance of financial planning as a means to a secure future during and after one’s career journey”. He went further to stress the importance of distinguishing between assets and liabilities while gauging spending habits with respect to income.

Mr. Oyebola also noted that while earning an income and saving have their place in building a healthy financial future, it is essential to invest. He highlighted the various classes of investments that people could commit their funds based on what their goals are, how long they are looking at achieving those financial goals, how much they can conveniently afford to put aside, and how much risk they are prepared to take in relation to the returns on their investment.

“Professional asset managers, like FBN Capital Asset Management, use their skills to manage customers’ money to achieve a desired outcome. I like to say that through our mutual fund products, we can people grow their dreams and achieve their goals” he said.

FBN Capital Asset Management one of the leading fiduciary managers in Nigeria, is the asset management division of FBN Capital, a fully owned subsidiary of FBN Holdings.  The firm is committed to driving financial inclusion and education, and recently won the 2014 EMEAFinance award for the Best Asset Manager in Nigeria.

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