FBNQuest Offers Digital Asset Trust for Asset Protection and Wealth Transfer – Provides Informative Resources on Estate Planning

In line with a commitment to equip clients with effective tools for generational wealth transfer, FBNQuest is offering a Digital Asset Trust designed to address the rising trend of digital commercial and investment activity in these times.

The Digital Asset Trust is a novel product offered by FBNQuest Trustees in response to an upsurge in online businesses and transactions by the investing public. The solution aims to help individuals engage the services of professionals who will support with assessing associated risks and avoiding mistakes around how they organize their assets when investing through, or doing business on digital platforms, which could prevent the transfer of assets to intended beneficiaries in the future.

FBNQuest has also created a dedicated online platform where interested individuals can learn facts about Estate Planning as an important element in an individual’s overall financial plan. It contains articles that explain basic concepts of Estate Planning and the various offerings that can be used to achieve financial goals. Concepts such as Education Trusts for children, Islamic Estate PlanningTrusts for all types of owned assets, WillsExecutorship, and Power of Attorney; while podcasts with guest experts sharing insights on the ongoing Legacy Series are also available for listening.

Commenting on the offerings, the Managing Director of FBNQuest Trustees, Adekunle Awojobi stated that “The Legacy Series remains our contribution to broader efforts to demystify Estate Planning. We believe there are several opportunities individuals and investors are simply unaware they can take advantage of through FBNQuest Trustees, and we are committed to driving that awareness and providing strong support.”

Now in its seventh season, the Legacy Series campaign themed ‘Building a Legacy that Lasts’, continues to help individuals understand how to plan for the protection and seamless transfer of their wealth during their lifetime and after. To find out more about the Legacy Series and podcasts, please follow @FBNQuest on social media or visit legacyseries.fbnquest.com

About FBNQuest Trustees

FBNQuest Trustees is a subsidiary of FBN Holdings Plc. From Estate Planning to government bond issuance, we hold a solid market position as a leading Trust services provider. We assess your needs and provide tailored solutions for seamless transfer of assets. Our distinct heritage allows us to leverage specialisation of the subsidiaries of our parent company to enhance our delivery and provide world-class client solutions.

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