FBNQuest Hosts Webinar on the Importance of Emotional Health

Lagos, Nigeria, July 2021 FBNQuest, the investment banking and asset management business of FBN Holdings Plc, recently held a session to educate individuals on emotional wellbeing, personal finance and investing. 

The virtual webinar event was hosted as part of the organisation’s Leading Conversations with FBNQuest Series and was themed ‘Your Emotional Health and Finances’. The session provided insights on how to take control of one’s emotional health whilst balancing the prevalent feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious and stressed over money. 

The program was delivered in partnership with Grey Insights, with Fiona Ahimie, Managing Director, FBNQuest Securities and Dr Olusola Olowookere, (MBChB, MPH, MSc Psych) Consultant Psychiatrist and Forensic Medical Examiner as hosts. The speakers noted that emotional and financial wellbeing are intrinsically linked, and gave practical examples to help participants understand how improper financial management can affect their emotional health. According to Dr Olowookere, “Dealing with financial stress can cause anxiety and contribute to existing health issues, which have an impact on emotional wellbeing. At the same time, poor emotional health can hinder an individual’s ability to effectively manage their finances, which affects financial wellbeing. 

“People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They are also able to cope with challenges and have the ability to keep problems in perspective whilst dealing with setbacks”, Olowookere stated. Through the session, FBNQuest aims to improve and deepen knowledge about emotional and financial health among individuals. 

Commenting on the session, Lolade Sasore, Head People and Knowledge Engagement at FBNQuest Merchant Bank stated: “The aftermath of the global pandemic has led to an increased sense of anxiety among individuals, families and businesses.  We believe that being aware of the correlation between financial and emotional stress might help individuals understand their state of emotional wellbeing and set them on a path to better health and happiness. As we observe the return to a different type of normal, we at FBNQuest are committed to facilitating and hosting more of such sessions that will contribute positively and help our collective transition.”

FBNQuest launched its Leading Conversations with FBNQuest webinar series in 2020. The series focuses on market, industry, lifestyle, consumer insights and analyses that are crucial for individual and corporate success. The events feature leading professionals of FBNQuest, as well as other industry experts in corporate and private investment management, wealth preservation, financial advisory and other areas of interest. To watch the emotional health session or previous sessions please visit  www.fbnquest.com or follow @fbnquest on social media.


About FBNQuest

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