FBNQuest Encourages Parents to Secure the future education of their Wards…through a Children Education Trust

In line with a commitment to provide families the opportunity to secure the education of their children or wards, FBNQuest offers a Children Education Trust for children through a convenient and flexible plan.

The current economic realities have placed tremendous pressure on many families, and FBNQuest offers a dependable plan for saving for post-primary and secondary education of loved ones. “In spite of the recent economic slowdown, most parents will agree that the importance of education is non-negotiable’’ stated Adekunle Awojobi, the Managing Director of FBNQuest Trustees. “We are here to assist parents with designing a Trust Plan that will support the plans for their children or wards, while there are still here and after.”

The Children Education Trust from FBNQuest supports a long-term investment plan with the added benefit of an Estate Planning solution that excludes probate, unlike other education products. In addition, the service is flexible and personalized, offering freedom that enables the settlor to pause or reduce contributions, or to transfer the benefits of the Trust arrangement to another beneficiary.

The Children Education Trust also comes with the additional benefit of a Trust Protector, who ensures that the Trust runs seamlessly in the event that the creator of the Trust arrangement becomes incapacitated or is unable to perform his/her role.

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About FBNQuest Trustees

FBNQuest Trustees is a subsidiary of FBN Holdings Plc. From Estate Planning, Wills and Trust to government bond issuance, we hold a solid market position as a leading Trust services provider. We assess your needs and provide tailored solutions for seamless transfer of assets. Our distinct heritage allows us to leverage the specialisation of our parent company to enhance our delivery to clients and provide world-class client solutions.

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