FBNQuest Asset Management Records Strong Performance in Mutual Funds

FBNQuest Asset Management is an FBN Holdings company, and is one of the leading investment management firms in Nigeria with a proven track record of delivering value to clients by offering bespoke investment management solutions. The firm is committed to building awareness that investing is not only for the wealthy and new investors do not have to figure it out alone but can speak to advisers to help them either begin their journey, or navigate the course to achieve their goals.

FBNQuest Asset Management’s mutual funds portfolio has performed strongly on a year-to-date basis (as at the 31st July 2018), and they offer a number of mutual funds which are accessible based on the minimum starting amount, risk appetite and investment goals of the client.

For low-risk investors who require investments that can be easily sold or converted to cash while continuing to have a steady profit from their investments, the FBN Money Market Fund is an ideal solution. This Fund allows investors earn a return on their investments from money market instruments such as treasury bills, without needing to accumulate a large amount to be able to purchase the instruments directly. The Fund has provided investors with an average annual return of 14.11% for the year to 31st July 2018, while the yield as at the 31st of July 2018 was 12.28%.

Investors who have a low to medium-risk appetite and require a source of income from their investments may wish to get involved in the bond market in Nigeria via the FBN Fixed Income Fund. The Fund Manager invests in government and corporate bonds as well as in money market securities, which provides a level of stability for the Fund. The FBN Fixed Income Fund is a tactical product for retail investors to earn an income from investing in bonds, while still having access to cash when they need it.

For the higher risk-investor however, the FBN Nigeria Smart Beta Equity Fund is an option which gives exposure to the equity market in Nigeria. It has a minimum weighting of 75% to equities at any time, and has provided investors a total return of 4.25% for the year to 31st July 2018, also outperforming the NSEASI.

Clients with foreign currency (USD) are also provided with an opportunity to invest in the same currency without converting to naira through the FBN Nigeria Eurobond (USD) Fund. This Fund invests in US dollar debt instruments (Eurobonds) issued by the Nigerian government and Nigerian corporate organisations, so investors earn their returns in foreign currency as well. The Fund is classified as medium-risk and has provided a total return of 3.35% in USD to its investors on a year-to-date basis as at the 31st of July 2018.

FBNQuest Asset Management is a leading asset manager in Nigeria for individual and institutional investors. The firm was recognized as the ‘Best Asset Manager in Nigeria’ in the prestigious Euromoney Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey 2017, and the EMEA Finance African Banking Awards 2017. The prestigious Euromoney Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey is the industry’s leading barometer of the world’s best service and product providers. The survey covers 15 different product and client categories and has ranking results in 70 countries, in which FBNQuest Asset Management emerged number one in Nigeria.

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