Did You Know Anyone Can Make A Will?

Any person except the following is capable of making a Will:

  • A minor
  • A person of unsound mind
  • Mistakes Not To Make With Your Will
    You can do more with Wills than just distributing your assets. For starters, it could give your heirs a final and lasting impression about you and your intentions.

    This could be a good thing if you have carefully planned and meticulously executed your Estate Plan. This could also lead to a disaster if you have made some common blunders such as not having a Will. We all have something we care about eg our spouses, our kids, or our pets.

    Not having a Will means that the State will decide what happens to them. That can leave survivors vulnerable to contentious lawsuits, confusion and heartache -an indication that we did not love them enough to plan for their future.

    If you really do not have much or do not expect anyone to fight over what you have, a simple Will can do the trick. If your Estate is large or your have a quarrelsome family, do not hesitate to contact a professional.

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