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A career at FBNQuest is more than just a job; it's a chance to help shape our company's and clients' futures. As an employee, you will be exposed to a workplace atmosphere that encourages you to reach your full potential, and explore new exciting opportunities for your personal and career growth.

Experience a Rewarding Career With an Award-Winning Team

A career at FBNQuest is more than just a job; it’s a chance to help shape our company’s and clients’ futures. Working with us means being motivated to make a long-term difference and encouraged to innovate to get the best results.

As an employee, you will be exposed to a workplace atmosphere that encourages you to reach your full potential. From constant skills growth opportunities to unrivalled local and foreign exposure, our workforce strategy holistically supports individual ambitions and aspirations.

Whether you are just a trainee or a seasoned hire, you will be able to excel at every level, handling projects on a global scale and learning from talented people who contribute as a team to our client’s success. Additionally, you will have access to ongoing training and development which will sharpen your skills and broaden your knowledge and abilities.

This combination of on-the-job experience, ongoing training and development, and working with great people will allow you to grow your career and explore new opportunities with our global reach.

Our Culture

From providing continuous professional development opportunities to unrivalled local and international exposure, our culture is centred on supporting our employees in their career ambitions over the long term.

We put our clients at the centre of all that we do and therefore place a strong emphasis on the highest integrity and values.

We believe our business is stronger being built on a foundation of diversity and draw our people from different backgrounds and across a wide range of qualifications and experience.

Our Value Proposition

People are the driving force behind our business, both in theory and in reality. We recognise both our differences and our collective strengths with the understanding that building an atmosphere that values different viewpoints and experiences allows us to come up with more new solutions and better represent our clients. Our value proposition to our people is embodied in our brand and core values.

Our Brand Values

In Sync

We create deep relationships with clients and safeguard against disruption. As a trusted partner we are always invited to share our opinion and ideas.


We contribute towards intelligent solutions for clients and go beyond the call of duty to highlight all relevant aspects/considerations.


Every day we add value to our clients, our colleagues and as a result uplift society. We develop, grow, and make a difference together.
Our Core Values


We believe that working as a team is an important source of competitive advantage.


Integrity is the outcome of our thought-process as much as our actions. It ensures that our values and deeds are aligned.


We take pride in being objective and meticulous in everything we do.


Ours is a proactive mindset, in constant search for ways to add more value to our stakeholders.


We believe that we can uphold high standards without compromising the delivery of exceptional performance.


We recognise that there is value for our stakeholders in our diverse backgrounds, skill-sets and views.

6 Reasons to Work Here

FBNQuest is a great place to work, grow, and invest for the future, and we are particularly proud of our company's diverse and inclusive culture, as well as the expert talent we hire and retain. Here are six perks of working with our award-winning team.

We Are Recognised for Our Good Work

Good work they say does not go unnoticed and great work deserves recognition. Our credibility as an employer has won us two A Great Place to Work Award recognitions in recent years, as a result of our contribution to providing an enabling atmosphere for all workers.

We Work With the Best and Brightest

Our teams are made up of seasoned and time-tested, industry-leading individuals, as well as career builders who share their wealth of knowledge and experience as mentors to others. We also have some of the best tools of the trade for our employees to innovate within and beyond the workplace.

We Invest in Our People

We also have a long-term commitment to provide continuous training and development to all of our employees. With curiosity as our guide, we propel the industry's experience, skill, and strategies to new heights by investing in the people who will make a difference.

We Are Social Contributors

We collaborate with a number of organisations that work to solve social injustice and facilitate education in our communities. We encourage volunteering so our teams can devote both expertise and efforts to our sustainability goals while achieving their individual goals.

You Will Be Well Taken Care of

By joining our team, you are joining a global family that looks out for one another. Our excellent rewards secure and enrich the lives of our workers and their families, promote everyday wellbeing, assist you in planning for the future, allow you to take time off work, and offer incredible stipends.

We Are Global

We have a global footprint spanning the length and breadth of Sub-Saharan Africa, and our reputation as a trustworthy, inspiring partner thriving on innovation, strong local roots, and global expertise works for client as well as employee benefit providing unlimited career growth opportunities internationally.

Start Your Career Journey

We operate a unique organisational structure that requires great and exceptional talents. We are redefining the future of finance and you can be a part of our journey.

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