At FBNQuest Capital, we keep a close eye on the financial markets - day in and day out. Our investment professionals analyze multiple markets and asset classes on a regular basis, monitoring developments, identifying patterns, and drawing statistical conclusions that serve as the foundation for our investment recommendations. This enables us to assess potential risks objectively and be among the first to spot opportunities on the markets for our clients.

Qualitative and in-depth Financial Research

We assist clients in navigating through today’s rapidly changing financial environment, providing clear guidance and progressive thinking. We deliver reliable, independent, quality research to aid investment decision-making and strategy development to existing and prospective investors.

Our in-depth and qualitative research covers macroeconomics, fixed income and equities, offering timely market commentary and detailed analysis of the local economy, major sectors listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and the fixed income and foreign exchange markets.

We are bold about our recommendations as they are made from a thorough and objective study of the relevant companies within the context of their respective industries, the local market and international peer set.

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Our Research Proposition

Data-driven Insights

We keep you up to date on current events in the financial markets, navigating through a rapidly changing financial environment to provide clear guidance and progressive thinking, delivering reliable, independent, quality research to aid investment decision-making and strategy development for existing as well as prospective investors.

Personalised Strategy & Resources

We design an investment strategy that specifically reflects your potential needs and objectives. We work with a full understanding of your financial picture and adapt financial strategies that follow your life situation changes.
We also furnish our clients with research information resources covering;
* Market Reviews
* Forecasts and corresponding recommendations
* Investment insights from experts
* Product recommendations

Connect With a Relationship Manager

Looking to invest, fund your venture, or get advice on wealth preservation? Our world-class team will partner with you to fully understand your requirements and create a customised solution for your brighter future.

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