We provide structured products across different assets to enable clients achieve their investment and financing needs.

The Structured Products team is made up of industry experts and market analysts with local and international experience in structuring complex financial products.

Our Solutions

Structured Products are synthetic solutions using existing financial products and derivatives to address the needs of our clients. The value-add of these products cuts across the diverse business needs of our clients; from providing yield enhancement products, to optimizing their financing cost, and  offering prudential risk management hedging solutions. Our products offering spans across asset classes ranging from Fixed Income, Equity , Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates and Credit.

Our Value Offering

  • Diversity
    Structured Products offer exposure to a wide range of markets and asset classes with varying features and product structures. The diversity of our structured products in terms of payout schedules and risk profiles demonstrates one of the key benefits of these products – they offer investors precision in constructing investment portfolios to suit specific investment strategies.
  • Risk Control
    Structured Products can provide an appropriate solution for practically any risk profile, based on the investor’s attitude to risk. We evaluate the product not in isolation but in the context of the investor’s portfolio as a whole. What is most important is selecting the right product – the one that best reflects the investor’s attitude towards risk.
  • Strong Network
    We have strong industry and market insight backed by an extensive local and international network. We are equipped with experienced and client-focused professionals with strong product and sector expertise. We also have close relationships with key regulatory institutions and a keen understanding of the local market.

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