Be Cyber Smart – Stay Safe Online

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to defraud individuals and steal sensitive information. Also, as online activities increase, it is important you remain protected. Here are a few tips to help you remain cyber smart:

  • Do not divulge your personal internet banking information such as passwords, OTPs or usernames to anyone or via any link in an email or text.
  • Do not click on any link in a mail or text to access our internet banking service, always visit through our official website – 
  • Do not respond to any text, email or call asking you to update your internet banking details.
  • Beware of COVID-19 updates or relief package scams seeking to defraud you or steal your personal information via email links, phone calls or SMS.
  • Lock fraudsters out of your account! Get information from trusted sites directly and do not share your banking details with ANYONE!

Please remember, we will never ask you for your personal banking details or send you links asking you to update your bank details.

Please be vigilant and #StayScamSmart

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