Independent Portfolio Management

Based on your investment objectives, we help to manage your wealth in a way that consistently surpasses the market.
The individual investment needs of our high-net-worth and institutional clients are met through our Discretionary Portfolio Management Services (DPMS). By leveraging our broad investment resources, in-depth research, local insights and risk management expertise, we deliver bespoke portfolio solutions. DPMS allows clients to invest in a diversified portfolio of individual securities. Unlike a mutual fund, the individual securities are owned directly by the client. We assist clients with defining their investment policy and select the most suitable investment strategy. Backed by our deep understanding of local markets, our team of investment professionals will identify superior investments opportunities to help our clients reach their objectives. We complement these services with robust execution capabilities and attentive client service.

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is focused on:

  • Research-based investment management and portfolio construction
  • Diversification of portfolios across various sectors, markets and asset classes
  • Generating superior returns through careful investment selection
  • Continuous market analysis to maintain clear competitive advantage and secure superior returns

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