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Prices & Performance of our mutual funds as at 18th January, 2018 

The FBN Money Market Fund

 Bid Price1: N100

The FBN Fixed Income Fund

 Bid Price:N1,168.10
 Offer Price:N1,169.27

The FBN Heritage

 Bid Price:N152.48
 Offer price:N154.03

FBN Nigeria Eurobond (USD) Fund - Institutional

 Bid Price:N113.87
 Offer price:N114.33

FBN Nigeria Eurobond (USD) Fund - Retail

 Bid Price:N113.79
 Offer price:N114.26

FBN Nigeria Smart Beta Price

 Bid Price:N196.08
 Offer price:N198.90

Data updated daily. All yields are stated net of fees and expenses

¹ The fund manager is required to maintain a stable price (NAV) of ₦100.00
* Annualised yield
^ Annualised equivalent yield