About Us

FBN Funds Limited is the primary platform of FBNQuest for providing growth capital to firms looking to finance their expansion plans.  Our investments cut across the telecoms, leasing, oil and gas, hospitality, travel and tourism, information and communication sectors in Nigeria.  Find out how we provide growth capital to medium sized companies here.

At FBN Funds Limited , we aim to provide market-leading returns to our shareholders. We make significant minority equity and quasi equity investments, partnering with companies which are backed by strong and experienced management teams, have scalable business models, and offer products that enjoy a large addressable market to enhance and unlock shareholder value.

We are working towards developing a broad platform that would provide investment avenues for investors through various asset classes in addition to our core strength of private equity.

Such asset classes include:

  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructure

Our team of dedicated investment professionals pride themselves in providing best-in-class investment support to our portfolio companies. From building market entry strategies to conducting in-house process flow reviews, we recognise that value is generated by improving the operational efficiency of our investee companies and ensuring they are successful in implementing an optimal competitive strategy.