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Our Heritage

FBN Holdings Plc is one of the leading financial service providers in Africa. Our unrivalled heritage ensures we have significant financial capacity and a strong tradition of governance.

Our History

  • 1894 – First Bank of Nigeria was founded
  • 2006 – FBN Merchant Bankers, Investment arm of First Bank and MBC International joined together to become FBN Capital (now FBNQuest Capital)
    Date – First Bank acquired Premium Securities, which became FBN Securities (now FBNQuest Securities)
  • 2012 – First Bank formed holding company, FBN Holdings Plc, to capture synergies across its businesses. Investment Banking and Asset Management business formed from the integration of four existing subsidiaries – FBN Capital (now FBNQuest Capital), FBN Securities (now FBNQuest Securities), First Trustees (now FBNQuest Trustees), and First Funds (now FBNQuest Funds)
  • 2012 – First Funds became FBN Funds (now FBNQuest Funds)
  • 2013 – First Trustees became FBN Trustees (now FBNQuest Trustees)
  • 2014 – The asset management arm of FBN Capital became FBN Capital Asset Management (now known as FBNQuest Capital)
  • 2014 – FBN Holdings Plc acquired 100% equity in Kakawa Discount House Limited, and subsequently secured approval to commence merchant banking operations as FBN Merchant Bank (now FBNQuest Merchant Bank) in 2015.
  • 2016 – Investment banking, asset management and securities businesses moved to FBN Merchant Bank (now FBNQuest Merchant Bank)
  • 2017 – All businesses within the Merchant Banking and Asset Management arm were renamed with the prefix ‘FBNQuest’. The unification of all the subsidiaries under a single brand identity, FBNQuest, allows us to offer our broad range of services to our clients in a simplified way.