As part of our strategic plan to grow a competitive brand and profitable business, we commenced a journey on integration of responsible and sustainable business practices at the core of our activities and decision making processes. 

The dynamic and complex nature of the Merchant Banking and Asset Management Business of FBNQuest has given rise to a conspicuous need to review our business processes and ensure that we are socially responsible in our dealings and activities as an organization. Our business activities and operations have grown exponentially as a result of this, also, regulatory implications of non-compliance or alignment to the global and local sustainability standards and expectations within the financial industry is also a major consideration.


The  growth of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) can be traced in part to the expectation that as an organization, we can profit by serving the greater social good as integration of sustainability into an organization  builds pride and cohesion among employees, which results in better operational performance and in turn, drives revenue.

In our quest to drive a sustainable brand, we understand the need to ensure that our business activities are executed in a socially responsible manner which meets and exceeds ethical and regulatory requirements of stakeholders by integrating social and environmental values within core business operations and processes. This includes stakeholder engagement, initiation and implementation of impactful CR&S and community intervention projects within our host community, adoption and integration of best corporate governance practices in our organization to achieve business longevity, profitability and global competitiveness.

Our strategic objective is to implement a CR&S approach that aligns with the group strategy and overall vision and goals of the company. We aim to strengthen our contribution towards the three core areas of education, economic empowerment and economic development. This is further broken down into four broad areas namely:

  • Sustainable Finance and Investment (Responsible Lending and Investments)
  • People Empowerment
  • Community Support
  • Environmental Sustainability

Our Sustainability Priorities include:

  • To become one of the leading merchant banking and asset management firm recognized for its impactful CR&S initiatives and execution in Nigeria.
  • To develop and support relevant initiatives at various stakeholder levels through partnerships and existing platforms within the key areas. Our stakeholders include investors, employees, government of different tiers and regulators, strategic partners, media practitioners and owners, board and management and most importantly the communities in which we operate.
  • To actively encourage employee engagement, in terms of fundraising, charitable giving and environmental sustainability, as well as encourage employee volunteerism in line with business objectives and focus.
  • To leverage on activities of the Group to ensure cohesion in implementation, drive efficiencies and drive cost reduction to deliver maximum shareholder value.