Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability


Our Journey so Far

As part of our strategic plan to grow a competitive brand and profitable business, we commenced a journey on integration of responsible and sustainable business practices at the core of our activities and decision making processes. 

Download Environmental and Social risk document.

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low barrier to investing to deepen financial inclusion

" Our objective is to continuously contribute to the development of skills within our host community to improve their educational and entrepreneurial prospects; as well as to reduce the gaps in inequality. "


  • Bloomberg Financial Resource Centre at The Lagos Business School (LBS), LBS Industry Days & Internship Schemes
  • Financial Literacy Activities – ‘Ask The Expert’ forum, Participation in The Global Money Week & World Savings Day, the Legacy Series guide on Estate Planning
  • NSE Quarterly Investor Clinics
  • WIMBIZ Annual Conference

Economic Empowerment

  • Savings and Investment: existing mutual Funds from as low as NGN5,000
  • Industry support initiatives which include; sponsorship of the BusinessDay Oil & Gas roundtable, Power Conference, Infrastructure Roundtable, and Capital Market Conference annual Capital Market Committee Retreat, PPP Stakeholders forum with the ICRC, Euromoney Capital Market Conference, The Nigerian Chamber of Commerce Annual Independence Anniversary and Lecture.