Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Contributing today for progress tomorrow

As the Investment Banking group of FBN Holdings, we believe in the need to impact our society through sustainable CSR initiatives. To this end FBN Capital has identified education as a fundamental catalyst for economic growth and sustained economic progress. In a bid to facilitate this, we actively support research and capacity/knowledge building in the area of finance on the platforms of reputable organizations in the country.

Our strategic objective is to implement a CSR approach that aligns with the overall vision and goals of the company. We aim to strengthen our contribution towards the three key areas of education, economic empowerment and economic development.

Our priorities are:

  • To become one of the leading investment banking and asset management firms recognised for its impactful CSR initiatives and execution in Nigeria.
  • To develop and support relevant initiatives at various stakeholder levels through partnerships and existing platforms within the key areas. Our stakeholders include investors, employees, government of different tiers and regulators, strategic partners, media practitioners and owners, board and management and most importantly the communities in which we operate.
  • To actively encourage employee engagement, in terms of fundraising and charitable giving, as well as encourage employee volunteerism in line with business objectives and focus.
  • To leverage on activities of the Group to ensure cohesion in implementation, drive efficiencies and drive cost reduction to deliver maximum shareholder value.

Education and Knowledge Development

  • Sponsorship of 2013 Annual Conference of Women in Business
  • Support for the Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI) Associate Dinner 2013
  • Support for Assisting, Caring and Empowering Africa Charity (ACE)

Key Sector Development

  • Sponsorship of the BusinessDay 2013 Oil & Gas Roundtable, Power Conference, Infrastructure Roundtable, and Capital Market Conference
  • Sponsorship of the 3rd Annual Capital Market Committee Retreat
  • Sponsorship of the Euromoney Capital Market Conference 2013

Partnering for Success

FBN Capital has partnered with Pan Atlantic University (LBS) to deliver the following initiatives for capacity building:

Bloomberg Terminals powered by FBN Capital

The Bloomberg Terminal is one of the industry's most widely used sources for real-time financial data. To help students in relevant disciplines gain access and exposure to the tool, FBN Capital delivered 2 Bloomberg Terminals to the LBS to help students in relevant disciplines gain access and exposure to the tool.

FBN Capital Internship Scheme

As one of the leading industry players, FBN Capital offers aspiring finance graduates of the LBS a unique opportunity to experience the real world of investment banking and asset management through its internship program by committing to admit 3 interns per year on 3-month programs.

LBS Industry Days

In support of the LBS Industry Day’s initiative, FBN Capital is currently provides resources towards the development and delivery of an Investment Banking and Asset Management Industry Day, and other relevant financial services industry themes to be mutually agreed.

Employee Fundraising

As a member of one of the leading private sector employer groups in Nigeria, FBN Capital highlighted education as a catalyst for growth, with a focus on enabling the development of young people and promoting entrepreneurship. In partnership with, FBN Capital encourages charitable giving among employees