2020 Deals Book: Delivered by Nairametrics and FBNQuest

BNQuest Supports the Delivery of the Nairametrics 2020 Deals Book

The year 2020, was an unprecedented year for the world. Civilization had not been hit by a pandemic in over 100 years and not in this magnitude. Due to globalisation, the effects of COVID-19 was more teething as World economies became exposed.

Some businesses around the world, had access to government grants and aids that helped in shoring up the effects of COVID-19 with over $10 trillion activated by the governments of the world to the cause.

However, in Nigeria, the reality was slightly different in 2020 as businesses had to remain afloat through a relentless drive and exploration of avenues in the financial market such as seed funding, commercial papers, bonds, etc. These efforts resulted in a total of $4.6 billion in deal value.

The Nairametrics Quarterly Deals Book was created to highlight the active strides Nigerian businesses are taking in growth and innovation. We partnered with Nairametrics, a leading financial resource, with special focus on financial literacy and investor advocacy on this publication to support their vision to showcase the growth and development of the financial industry in Nigeria.  Leveraging our internal expertise, we also supported the compilation of this Deals Book.

We hope as you read the 2020 Deals Book you are optimistic and spurred on for the possibilities for more growth in 2021 from Nigerian businesses.

Click here to download the 2020 Deals Book.

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